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Dr.-Ing. Miguel Garcia
Research Assistant
I've moved to Lausanne,
for a post-doc at LAMP,
with a focus on the Scala programming language.
This is my new homepage
E-Mail: an image


Model-Driven Development, Software Engineering, Model Checking.
I carried out my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ralf Möller.

The Scala Compiler Corner

Teaching and Thesis advising


Recent software

ScalaQL LINQExpand4Java

Grants acquired

This Eclipse Innovation grant was awarded for this project plan. A blog related to this project. It's about OCL.
Google Summer of Code 2007
Project: Provide an Eclipse IDE generation environment derived from a language grammar
Presentation explaining the project goals and the final technical report.
The latest Emfatic supports EMF Generics and a number of usability goodies, plus two related prototypes: Grammar2Ecore, to parse/unparse document instances to/from an EMF-based AST, and
DSL2JDT, to generate the Java APIs realizing an Internal DSL out of a language metamodel expressed in Ecore.

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