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How to Apply for HiWi Jobs / Paid Jobs at STS

    If you want to apply for a paid job (German: HiWi Job), what to do:

    1) Prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a description of your Work Experience as text document(s).

    2) Send a mail with CV and Work Experience attached to our secretary (sts-office@tu-harburg.de) stating that

    • you apply for a HiWi Job (or a paid job) at STS; giving
    • your name
    • your preferred topic / interest (Java, UML, XML, SAP, ...)
    • lectures and exams at STS that you have attended / passed so far.

    This is it and this is fine. You will get a reply from a professor or from a research assistant for acceptance. If after 5 days you do not get a reply, please consider this as a negative response. In any case, you can contact our secretary about the status of your application.

    What we do not like and why:

    Cross-posting applications to everyone at the department. Why: Creates a lot of unnecessary coordination work about who received the mail, and if somebody already replied. Usually ignored.

    Cross-posting applications to everyone containing a generic header ("Dear Sir/Madam"). Why: This is even worse than simple cross-posting. Impersonal application to single persons. Is treated as spam.

    Misspelled name / gender of the person to receive the letter: "Dear Mrs. Pastrich Huppe". Why: If you don't care about our names, we don't care about giving you a HiWi job. More formally: Shows lack of interest. Correct remark of one student:
    How can students find out about the specific gender of a research assistant? See our staff members with Photos on the Peoples Site.

    Bad english and nonsensic official terms. We are not native speakers either, but please try to form complete sentences (at least subject, verb). Good: "My name is <name>. I am a master student of ICS and ...". Bad: "Hello, I am a master of Information". Why: Sorry, but "master of information" is a little megalomaniac. Furthermore, the correct usage of a language (as best as one can) is important. At STS (and in science in general) you present your work to others and you work cooperatively. This is done best if everyone tries to be as clear as possible. This includes correct usage of official terms.

    Abbreviations for You, To, etc. and exclamatory "(yo/hey) man": "Dear Siree, i would like 2 ask u for n oppur2nity 2 get a HiWi job, yeah man. Attached u find a fancy Wurd document. Faithfully u-rs". Why: Hey man, if u think we like 2 read such lettas, hey man, then you r damn wrong, man. See above: Usage of language.

    Further considerations:

    "Sir" => "Mr."
    "Madam" => "Ms."
    "Respected Sir" => "Mr."
    "Deeply respected Sir" => "Mr."
    "Hello Prof, come on, get me HiWi job!" => "Prof. Schupp, my name is ... and I apply for ..."

    Please try to refrain from terms like "Sir" or "Madam". In Germany, it's just Mr. and Mrs. for research assistants and Prof. for professors. This is not impolite at all.

    So long.