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Projektseminar Realisierung eines I+K Anwendungssystems (RIKA)/
Realization of an I&K Application System

Lecturer: Sibylle Schupp; Volker Turau (RIKA@telematik)

Location: SBS 95, room E4.042

RIKA page of Telematik


  • object oriented analysis, design and implementation of an application
  • concepts, techniques and tools of modern information and communication systems
  • work in teams in a project-oriented way (milestones, limited resources)
  • present and defend results in front of a technical audience


  • Project work in small teams
  • 3-4 persons per team
  • Project management by the team itself
  • One supervisor per team, helping the team on request


Date Topic
22.10.09 First meeting: Introduction of project topics (you may propose your own topics),
group formation (You find the topics here)
12.11.09 Presentation of the design
17.12.09 Presentation of the implementation so far
04.02.10 (SBS 95, E 4.042) Final presentations


Telematics and STS each will supervise 4 groups. Therefore, not all of the proposals might get implemented.
Institute Topic
STS Lego Mindstorms Explorer (two groups possible)
STS Online computer/computer lab booking system
STS Combinatorial Auctions
STS Sequencing Traversing Cars in a Warehouse
STS Project defined by student Alexander Galkin
E-learning web application
STS Project defined by student Margarita Podskrobko
Web based Client Relation Mangagment
Telematik System for Distributed Information Dissemination
Telematik A sensor network for detecting dangerous CO2 emissions after carbon capture and storage
Telematik Implementing Wireless Information Signs for Indoor Navigation
Telematik Energy-Budgeting Wireless Gardener

Lego Mindstorms

  • Lego Mindstorms tutorial
  • Lego Mindstorms examples
  • Java for the NXT can be found on http://lejos.sourceforge.net/index.php
  • Lego Mindstorms Wikipedia Wikipedia
  • Component description in english