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Databases and Information Systems


Florian Matthes


3 SWS Lectures

ECTS Credits:  4.5 Credits

This lecture introduces database systems as a core technology for an important class of information processing tasks.The major principles and components of relational, object-oriented and other database models are presented. Moreover, the virtues and limitations of these models for particular data modeling tasks are analyzed. Students will also gain an understanding of the major issues that arise in the implementation of a database system. In addition to an understanding of concepts of databases and information systems, students will also acquire practical skills in the use of modern database system.

Position in the Curriculum
  1. Overview and current trends in research and development
  2. Information- and Database Systems
  3. Basic Data Modeling Concepts
  4. The Relational Data Model and SQL - 3
  5. Object-Oriented Data Models and ODMG 2.0
  6. Other Data Models (Network, Hierarchical, Object-Relational)
  7. Comparison of Data Models
  8. Database Architectures and Database Interfaces
  9. Transactions and their Implementation
Recommended Literature
Additional Literature
Optional Exercises

As an optional service for the preparation for the exam, every week optional exercises are handed out to the students. Students may return their solutions within two weeks to receive a feedback from the lecturer on their solution.

Written Exam

All participants have to pass the written exam at the end of the semester. Date: 09-mar-1999, Time: 10:00 - 13:00, Room: ES40-0007

14-jan-1999 f.matthes, ho.wegner