Racer is freeware and has been used in many research and industrial projects such that it is well tested.
Nevertheless, you use Racer on our own risk, and there are absolutely no warranties. Racer is distributed under the following BSD 3-clause license.

Download Racer 2.0 as a server application with GUI RacerPorter

  • Linux (2014-04-01, 64 bit, Ubuntu, RacerPorter requires GTK 2.4)
  • Mac OS X (2014-04-01, 32 bit, tested on 10.8 and newer)
  • Windows (2014-04-01, 32 bit, tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8)

Download Racer 2.0 as a native library for Common Lisp (more systems to be supported soon)

  • Core file for SBCL 1.1.8 X84-64 (2014-03-10, 64bit, Mac OS X 10.9)
    You need to put the core file into your SBCL home directory, e.g., /usr/local/lib/sbcl .